Early gender DNA blood test NOW offered any-day at our location starting at 6 weeks in pregnancy!!

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My Little Bean 4D offers the finest 3D/4D and HD prenatal Elective ultrasound experience available. Combining cutting-edge technology with a spa and theater environment. We bring unbelievable images of your unborn baby to life!

Now you can see your baby up close and personal with a 3D ultrasound, 4D ultrasound, and HD Ultrasound from My Little Bean 4D! There is no need to wait until your little bundle of joy is born. Come in and experience an event that you will never forget!

You've felt him kick, she wiggles and turns, now you are wondering what your new baby looks like. Will he have Mom's nose or Dad's chin?

We believe there is no greater bliss than the creation of a new life. Here at My Little Bean 4D we enjoy bringing families together to witness the MIRACLE of LIFE. From the moment you walk into our studio, you will notice a distinct difference from our competitors' facilities. We believe in comfort, style, and a modern spa feeling.
$129 for early DNA testing, one small upgrade & have your
gender results back within 24 hours.

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